Solar Panel Cleaning

If you have solar panels providing clean energy at your home or business, you likely had them installed for 2 reasons; to help the environment by not relying on electrical power coming from the grid and to save money on your electric bill.

That being said, it might not be very appealing to spend money to keep those panels clean.

Do you really need to have your solar panels professionally cleaned?

The short answer is YES! Here’s why:

First of all, solar panels, just like many things, are an investment. The average solar panel will last 20-25 years!

That means that the glass that covers the cells and other components of the panel will be exposed to about 2 decades of dirt, debris, smog, bird poop, etc over the course of its life.

Have you ever gotten into your car and noticed how dirty your windshield is after only a couple of weeks without washing?

How about after 3 months?

Now imagine if your car was parked and never moved for those 3 months!

That windshield would be caked! Well, that is what happens to your solar solar panels and over time, if they are never cleaned, the sun will actually “bake” certain types of debris and water deposits into the glass, permanently marring the surface of the glass.

The only way to protect your investment is by having your panels cleaned.

This raises a question though..

Why bother protecting your investment at all?

If you bought solar panels to save money, it might seem backwards to spend money just to maintain them. Consider this true statement: any type of technology or hardware that is not maintained eventually becomes less efficient.

You defragment your computer hard drive to keep your computer running at optimal speeds, you change the oil in your car’s engine so that it keeps running smoothly, and you replace your central air conditioning filters so that your AC unit keeps running efficiently and keeps putting out the volume of cold air that it is supposed to.

Likewise, when your solar panels become dirty, they stop working the way they are supposed to. Studies have shown that output and efficiency decrease by around 5% within 2-3 months of installation due to dust and debris build up on the glass!

By 6-7 months, the decrease jumps to around 20%. Based on these facts, it can be determined that the optimal cleaning frequency would be semi-annually. Cleaning your panels every 6 months or so will actually result in you saving more money than you will spend on the cleaning! You are essentially paying yourself to maintain and protect your investment! It truly is a win-win!

What is this going to cost?

Solar panel cleaning is not very expensive at all. For most panels, the fee is only $8 per panel!

For harder to reach panels, requiring a bit more time and effort, the cost may go up to around $12 per panel.

However, if you are having us clean your windows at the same time, we discount the panel cleaning by $2 per panel!

Keep in mind, the boost in output pays for the panel cleaning after only 3-4 months on average.

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