Solar Power?! What is it and Where Does it Come From?

Solar power is a continuous source of energy, doesn’t produce any kind of environmental pollution, is unlimited and in-exhaustible. Simply put, it is abundant, “green”, and cannot be used up! Solar power has no negative impact on the environment. It doesn’t affect the landscape and poses no harm on the ozone layer, unlike many other energy sources.

Where does Solar Power come from and how does it work?

The radiation of the sun provides us solar energy which can be converted to heat and electricity. Wherever there is sunshine, you can use solar energy. The direct energy from the sun is harnessed and typically converted over for use by using technology called solar panels. The panel is designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy. Solar panels work best in direct sunlight. However, they will still work in indirect sunlight or on cloudy days or even rainy days, they just won’t be as efficient.

What is Solar Power used for and how much does it cost?

Solar energy is available for free and with technological advancement can be harnessed for many uses. It can be used to power large items such as spacecrafts & boats, households and business officices, and even appliances. It can also be used to power items that require less energy such as solar cookers, lights, batteries, your smartphone or tablet, and so on.

Solar power may require an initial investment but the overall reward generally pays for itself after purchase. Because of its inexhaustible nature, it significantly reduces costs over time. People who install solar panels on their homes can get rid of most of their monthly electric bill, with the bill being proven to be reduced to even a whopping $10! The source of solar energy and its rate is not subjected to market fluctuations and even allows to the unused energy that is conserved, to be sold back to the power companies, monthly, and applied as credits to the bill.

How does Solar Power benefit the Earth?

Its renewable form of energy comes with a number of benefits for mankind. It doesn’t produce harmful gases or emissions so don’t cause any kind of pollution, helping to greatly reduce the air pollution. With the use of solar energy, we can reduce our dependence on oil, coal and natural gas for electricity production; reduce greenhouse gases, eliminating carbon footprints, improving air quality; and improve the conservation of water by bridging the gap between the demand for clean water and the world’s supply of it. 

When it comes to conserving water especially, solar panels use sunlight to generate energy. Unlike power plants, which use 600-800 gallons of water for cooling, no extra equipment is needed to keep them running and they do not require any water for cooling down. Which also aids in reducing the amount of electricity required to desalinate, disinfect and ultimately make wastewater usable for drinking, bathing, watering crops and much more. 

Overall, there is still a large number of people around the world who still have no access to electricity. Solar Power is not only a more Eco-friendly advantage for remote regions who go without, but also densely populated, top-tier regions as well. Helping to bring costs down and driving the ability to utilize resources more efficiently, coupled with finding the right technologies and techniques, could change thousands, perhaps millions, of lives practically overnight. So let you all start looking to have solar energy to power up your lives and then let go and allow the Sun to take over and do the rest of the work for you!

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