My rental property is in need of an 220V electrical outlet for a clothes...

My rental property is in need of an 220V electrical outlet for a clothes dryer. It is plumbed for a gas dryer, but I prefer that my tenants use electricity if at all possible. I think it's a bit safer, and with gas prices as high as they are, much cheaper.

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I called a local electrician, and he quoted me $250 to run a new outlet, which would be less than 4 feet from the circuit breaker panel in the basement. I thought this was a bit extreme, as he wouldn't even have to run wire through walls, as both the washer/dryer hookups and the circuit breaker panel arein the basement.

I started doing some research at Home Depot,Lowes,and online, and found that doing an installation like this is actually a fairly simple do-it-yourself project. I decided to have a friend who has done it before help me, if anything to call 911 if I did anything dumb.

Two hours later, and an extratrip to Home Depot (because I got the wrong style of circuitbreaker) wewere done. No sparks, no fire, and the voltage in the outlet was evencorrect! Even so, I'll have an electrician come in and inspectmy work before mytenants move in, just to be sure everything isright.

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