Becoming a Master Storyteller

If my boys recommendations are anything to go by, I'm a pretty good storyteller. Mostly I'm requested to tell a story rather than read one. There is a difference between the two. This list is basically what I've managed to do along the way.

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1. They have to be able to place themselves in the story.

Either as the a lead character or in some other way. My youngest son loves the story of the three little pigs. He places himself and his two older brothers in the story quite easily. One day I changed to the story so that the little pig that made a house out of bricks didn't follow building regulations and the house fell down when the wolf huffed and puffed. That version didn't go down so well.

2. The story needs to have an animal helping the main character

Whether it is a horse, wombat or dragon, an animal is essential. Better still if the animal can talk.

3. The story needs to be either an adventure or a fight between good and evil.

I have boys.

4. You can keep telling the same story over and over again.

They learn by repetition. I've heard my six year old son tell quite the lengthy tale to his younger brothers. The stories we tell will live with them forever.

5. You need to memorize a whole bunch of good stories

They don't have to be memorized word perfect, but basic structure and character. Then you can do with them what you like. At the moment I turn to Grimm's fairy tales, the story of Beowulf, the Bible (mainly the book of Genesis) and Greek Mythology (although that one is getting a slow response).

I thought Grimm's fairy tales would be well received, but don't try it without practice! The language is awkward if you are not used to it and kids will quickly turn off.

6. Make funny voices

You may just be called the funniest person ever. Lap it up. You know they won't be saying that in a few years time.

7. Get them to act it out as you tell it.

That way you get to have a laugh at them

8. Get them to make up the story with you.

One thing that my boys love to do is get me to make up a story with things that they introduce in at any moment. Tonight there happened to be a magic box that was over a hole. If you fell down the hole you went to SeaWorld. Go figure!

Telling stories to my boys is something that we all love. It's often hard to come up with ideas. Especially when they want a story with a Cheetah, the colour purple and a cup cake. But I've learned more about who my boys are and what they love and think and feel through telling stories with them than just about anything else. I know that they will remember some of them for a lifetime.

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