Get in touch with your Lake County officials!

The recent action or inaction of Lake County's officials caused the Governor to take controversial stand against Lake County that may cause the tax payers of Lake County to pay higher property taxes.

Governor Mitch Daniels is quoted as saying, "the government reforms will move forward, even if it means leaving Lake County behind to face higher property taxes."

Once again, Lake County is faced with "pulling themselves up by the boot straps" and changing their own destiny.

The officials of Lake County believe that the citizens of the county will not support Kernan-Shepard reforms. The reforms are discuss in a recent blog at Are the Reforms Governor Daniels Proposed Going to Affect You?

I do not believe that the Lake County officials are "in touch with" the citizens of Lake County. The citizens of Lake County do not want to pay high taxes, so it may be time to move out of Lake County. Call Taylor-Brown Real Estate at 219 803 4489 for help with finding your new home in Porter or LaPorte Counties.

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