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I have worked with Vick Strizheus in the Big Idea Team of Empower Network. Vick personally sponsored /mentored me with the team. I don't know about you, but every other company that has a sponsor and brings you into a team, always responds to any question or issues that their down line may have. So does Vick do this for his direct down line? The answer, NO!! A resounding NO!!

Let me say this before I continue with the meat and potatoes of this blog, sort of speak. The accounts that I post here are from first-hand experience working with Vick Strizheus. So I am not what he or anybody else labels, A hater. The purpose of this blog post is only to help others avoid falling into the trap that Vick sets himself to rob you from your hard earned money.

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One of the biggest issues that I have with Vick, is that he never finishes any product that he starts. A example is the 30 days to 10K that is in the Platinum and Diamond area in Big Idea Mastermind.

The way that you get to these levels is to purchase level 4 to 5 from Empower network. I must say that when you buy anything from Empower Network, they deliver what they promise on the products. The way Vick gets people to join is selling each level of products from Empower Network with what he calls aTwist. The twist is where he sets the hook for people to join him. He tries to get you All In (meaning purchase all 5 products from E.N.) He does this to get over 6k of your money. After he has your money he will not deliver what he has promised you.

Levels with Empower Network:

When you place support tickets to tell the management about any issues you may have, they will each time they respond by saying let's wait until Vick addresses that issue. The problem is Vick never does. Also support goes to a third world country in Asia. There isn't anything wrong with that, but Vick tell everyone that support is here in the US in South Dakota.

Vick is a very likable person. He connects well with people, thus the reason why he is so successful in scamming people. He claims to be a Christian too, but his actions are far from it. If you do some research you will see that Vick has been convicted for fraud in the past. I know people can change, but the proof in in the pudding with Vick.( No offense to pudding)

Vitaliy is Vicks legal first name.

The reason that brought me to the point of posting this issue about Vick, is the fact that he took my money and now is leaving E.N. To start his new scam called, Magic Suite This is just another way for Vick to scam people again. He had a 4 hour long webinar for active members of Big Idea Mastermind to tell us of this change that's coming. He wanted everyone not to say a word about this change. No one not even Empower Network knew about it. Vick also said that he is leaving network marketing. I guess he has squeezed enough money out of good people.

Vick has what he calls a zero tolerance of negative talk with his team. He does this so people that are struggling to make money will not share that he or she is not making money, thus hiding that the entire thing is a scam. Vicks You tube channel has been removed by YouTube as well. Vicks response was, There was some haters that complained and now I'm being blocked from YouTube.

Vick does have some students that have had some success, but those people are far and few between. Also the content in his courses can be found free online, no need to speed $1,00.00 to line vicks pockets! I have tried numerous times to contact with Vick to clear up any issue that I have had with both him and Big Idea Mastermind. Either I haven't had a response, or I get supervisors that are not willing to back their product.

I have all the documentation to back up everything I have said here. I have lived this and this post isn't from someone outside the team. I wish all the best for the teammates in B.I.M. As far as Vick, he will reap what he sows.

Again, this article is meant to help people from falling for Vicks scams. I hope this helps everyone who reads it!

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