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Let's be real, college is not as easy as movies and television shows make it out to be. You somehow have to squeeze going to class and getting papers done between having fun with friends, napping and snacking. It can make staying on top of things even more difficult than you anticipated. So how lucky is it that we are in such a digital age and have access to fantastic devices and even cooler applications to put on your devices to improve all aspects of your life. Here are three apps you absolutely have to get if you want to survive secondary education.

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  1. Evernote: This awesome app is for iPhone, Windows phone and Android systems and utilizes something you probably use at least once a day anyways, the camera. So you missed a class or want to be able to study on-the-go without dragging around all your notebooks. Simply open the application and take a picture of whatever notes you want to be digitized. The notes immediately become digital and searchable within the application and Evernote even keeps track of where each picture was taken. Tons of other apps allow you to upload to Evernote increasing this app's versatility and usefulness.
  2. Wunderlist: Spiral bound planners are a thing of the past with this convenient and hi-tech app. It works across iOS, Android, Windows and Apple. There's even a Chrome extension and an online version available. Wunderlist allows you to add tasks, files and even assign tasks to other team members. There are recurring to-dos, notifications, due dates and all the assets you've come to expect from a high quality list application. But frankly one of the coolest parts is the ability to print your lists with one click. There is a free version of Wunderlist that will probably be sufficient for college students. But if you really want to take your college experience to the next level you can get the professional edition for either $5 a month or $50 a year.
  3. Chegg: Easily one of the most stressful parts of college is figuring out which kidney you're going to sell to afford your textbooks. That's where Chegg comes in to play. This important application allows you to search any textbook and if they have it, you can rent it! Not only do they have deep discounts on physical books that you can rent and return, but also they have eTextbooks at even better discounts. The price of the rental depends on the textbook, but there is a 21-day guarantee (14 for eBooks) and you can send the book back for a refund if you aren't happy. They even offer study help every day, all day!

College is stressful enough so simplify things as much as you can and utilize as many of these helpful tools as possible.

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