Hints for Making the Most of Your Next Garage Sale

Sometimes, you find yourself wondering how to get a few extra bucks. Another possibility is that your life has too much clutter. Believe it or not, the easiest way to do both is to have a garage sale. Here are a few ways you can ensure success.

Every fantastic garage sale begins with a good plan. Initially, it`s better to go through your home and organize the things you wish to sell. People will want to sit down on occasion while shopping, and you`ll need some tables for display. Ask your friends for some if you don't have enough. Very few people buy things at a garage sale if they spend their time looking in uncomfortable positions. It is crucial to the success of your garage sale that you advertise widely and well before the chosen day. Place signs just about everywhere you can think of within your community and think outside the box. Places like your local shops, library, or coffee properties are good ideas as well. Make sure to check with them for possibilities. If your home is near some apartments, make a few dozen copies of the flyer and see if the property manager will help you distribute them to the tenants. Make certain your flier or advertisement contains the time, day and address in addition to a list of a few items that will be offered for sale. It's also a good idea to provide an alternative date if the weather turns ugly.

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The next decision you'll need to make is the price for these items. Take a couple days in advance and be sure to add prices to the items you plan on selling. It can get rather annoying for both parties if items are not clearly marked. Arguments are likely to happen. Another option is to designate a color for each price range. That way buyer will most likely have an easier time deciphering the cost of each item. Always try to make the sale.

The choice has been made to sell everything, and the goal is to unclutter your life. Sometimes if the item won't sell, it's better to accept a lower amount than have to carry it to your new house. The thing is you'll get more satisfaction from giving it away than transporting it to some charity. Finally, whatever you can`t get sold can be donated. The donated things can become part of your next year`s income tax deduction.

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