I got into real estate when I was 19...

I started out helping my dad with the admin work and also working for the company loading properties onto the websites and also doing the window cards for the front office. 10 years later and I run my own real estate office together with my dad, so we stuck together throughout the last 10 years and still love working together as a team.

I live in Riverside and went to Riverside High School and later Launceston College.

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I did a diploma in travel agency but decided that real estate was better suited to me.

We have traveled extensively and we have been to over 20 different countries - in 2007/2008 we traveled for 3 and a half months visiting Thailand, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia, Italy, France, England, Ireland, Canada and the USA. For my 30th birthday my wife bought me tickets to Italy, so in March we are heading there for 3 weeks and will be renting a villa in Florence. We are taking Austin this time, so that will be an experience we will be able to enjoy as a whole family.

So thanks for stopping by and reading this, I hope it gives you some insight into my life not only as a real estate agent but as a person who loves his work, his family, travelling and just life in general!

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