Struggling to find a healthy alternative to eggs...

If not eggs, then what are most people's go-to meals at breakfast time? Pancakes, muffins, toast? The paleo recipe versions of these that I have found usually have egg. And at lunch? I've mentioned before that homemade mayonnaise is my favorite condiment (or the base, at least, of many delicious sauces)there's egg in there. Lunch is easier than breakfast, however. Dinner is easier yet.

So what have I come up with? A few times a day my meals should consist of: 4-6 oz of protein, a couple cups of vegetables, some fat, and a couple pieces of fruit a day. That really would be great, since there is a lot of variety in that. However, I am only eating about half that, and I'm struggling with the other half. The problem is that I think I'm going through withdrawal from eggs and turning to less healthy "comfort foods", which is what I think eggs are for me. I've been eating more wheat, dairy, sugar and garbage than I should be, so therefore I am notable to recognize any progress I might be making by avoiding my worst allergy. In reality I'm not probably making any progress due to my aforementioned regressions.

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My goal for the next week is to research and prepare foods that will become my new staples, or find ways to modify foods to fit my version of healthy. Even with all the challenges life has to offer (visiting family, crazy family-life busyness, inconsistent work schedules), I must stop making excuses and make my health my priority! Especially since this is the passion of my emerging new careerother people's health.

My first experiment will be on a egg replacement in some breakfast muffins. Experiment is definitely a good word considering what I just did in the kitchen. Details to follow!

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