Why is Window Cleaning Important?

Don’t underestimate the value in keeping your windows clean. Windows can be a second thought when it comes to maintenance. We dust, mow, and paint but often we forget about our windows. When we wash our cars we pay extra special attention to our windows and our homes and businesses should be no different. 

There are many benefits associated with having clean windows, from improved comfort to improved overall appearance of a home or building. Whether it is commercial window cleaning or high rise window cleaning, having your windows regularly cleaned can make a big difference. 

The appearance, preservation, and value of both your home and business is important. Window cleaning is an essential tool to help maintain the overall function of a window. Natural light, aesthetics, energy efficiency, allergens, strength and integrity, are all factors which come into play assuming the threat of neglected windows.

If you don’t clean your windows…

Surprisingly, windows are porous and microorganisms can build up inside the pores, reducing the strength of your windows and compromising the integrity of the glass. Dirt particles, dust and grime build up on the surface and in the pores of your windows.

Thus leading to:

  • The Sun’s UV light being reflected, lowering the amount of sun that can enter and add warmth.
  • An accumulation of minerals left behind from hard water. Oxidation that occurs from window screens and/or metal window frames.
  • Breakdown from acid rain.
  • Accidental overspray from construction materials such as paint, mortar, chalk, drywall texture, sand, salt water, and other substances.
  • Etching and scratching can weaken glass causing the already fragile material to shatter easier.  What causes etching? Prime example, living in California, near the ocean can cause salt and sand to collect on windows causing permanent stains and cracks.

Windows, home, and businesses need natural light

Contaminants and pollutants build up and can affect not only windows but the body as well. Particles and grime can produce allergens and respiratory issues. However, properly cleaned windows will allow more light to penetrate through, a factor that will help your body synthesize vitamin D more efficiently. The natural light that accompanies clean reflective surfaces can also impact your mood and productivity. The brighter, more open spaces will leave you and your guests feeling relaxed and inspired. 

Windows that are not regularly cleaned tend to dull over time preventing natural light from entering inside the building. This makes your home or office appear smaller and darker. Professionally cleaned windows will make the room space appear bigger, more appealing and more inviting. 

Keeping windows clean will give you even more benefits beyond a beautiful aesthetic. Studies have shown that windows that are cleaned on a regular basis last longer than those that don’t. EarthWise Window Cleaning is a professional window cleaning service that will help to maintain the quality of your windows as well as be a reminder of why to include window cleaning in your regular maintenance plan.

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